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Is truck safety the least of their concerns?

With the exception of Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, the main trucking safety advocacy nonprofit organizations have relatively small budgets.

All meet a general Better Business Bureau guideline for tax-exempt organizations, which says that program service expense as a percentage of total expenses should be at least 65 percent. All but Road Safe designate large portions of their budget to paying top executives.

HIGHEST-PAID EMPLOYEE: Executive Director John Lannen, according to the 2014 IRS Form 990 filed by this group, received $143,000 in reportable compensation, in addition to $20,064 in health benefits or other benefits-type compensation, more than the Foundation took in directly in contributions that same year. However, his salary is partly paid by the affiliated Parents Against Tired Truckers. In 2014, Lannen’s salary and benefits combined accounted for 59 percent of the combined revenue of both organizations.


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The funding for safety groups, the salaries of their chiefs

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