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Say NO to Phone Scams

animeWhen you fill out an online form on our website it sends an e-mail directly to us and you hear back from our company only. We don’t share or sell your info. Sadly there are many internet sites that portray themselves as trucking companies and when you fill out a form on their site. asking for a quote. you are attacked by phone and/or e-mail by 15 to 25 hard core salespeople. Plus they then sell your info to other sales lead companies.

If you have a few extra minutes when a telemarketer calls, don’t hang up on them, get a little bit of revenge.
Keep in mind that if you don’t answer the phone or if you hang up on a telemarketer they will continue to call you. It is very difficult to stop all the calls these days because the scammers “spoof” their phone numbers so you cannot trace them. You can report them to the FTC but it is difficult for them to trace these scammers.

Below are some fun ways (I have collected from the internet) you can waste a telemarketers time and keep them from making the next call plus possibly get your name off of their lists. Eventually they will stop calling you when they realize they are not making any money off of you and are losing money because of you.

1 – Pretend the connection is bad and you can’t hear them. You can even say things like “I think…. connect…for to….wanted a big…always pay…charge my battery…Can you hear me?” pretending the line is a bad line. Since they’re probably calling from overseas, this is fairly common. If you can play this game for 3 minutes, you’re doing pretty good.

2 – Talk over them like there’s a delay in the line. As soon as they start to speak, talk over them and tell them there’s a really bad echo on the line. See how long you can keep going that before they hang up on you.

3 – Pretend your someone else, like characters from your favorite TV show. Tell them about your day and pretend your in the last episode you watched. Most of the people in overseas call centers will have never seen the show, so they’ll have no idea.

4 – Pretend you know the person calling. Act like you were expecting the call and that you think the other person is your friend playing a practical joke on you. “Come on Sam, I know it’s you. Stop with the crazy accent.”

5 – Pretend your a telemarketer too. Tell them that this call may be recorded for training purposes. Try to sell them the latest in equipment for call centers.

6 – Pretend there are 3 or 4 different people in the house and after they talk for a few minutes, tell them they need to talk to your dad, or your sister or your psychiatrist, or your lawyer. See how many times you can pass the phone to the “next person”.

7 – Simpley tell them that a customer just walked in and that you are interested in what they just said. Then put the phone down for 2 minutes.

Please – do us all a favor and keep these clowns on the phone as long as possible. You can save an innocent person from getting conned, and save all o us a lot of wasted time and interruptions.


1. Never get angry or yell at them. They didn’t call you – some machine called you. To get even with you, they’ll just add you to their system to call you again.

2. Don’t hang-up. Again, their system will just keep calling you back.

3. Never explain yourself, or try to explain why you’re not interested. This is like pouring gasoline on the fire.
They have a rebuttal for every excuse you can dream up. It also gives them more information about the way you
think so they can twist it around on you to help them sell their service.

4. Do not ask questions about their product. It’s hard to keep them on the phone long, but if you need to ask
questions, ask questions that might catch them off guard such as: where they are calling from or what the
weather is like there

5. Do not act nice, or human. These are signs of weakness. Telemarketers are hunters. You are the prey.
Signs of weakness will only encourage them to call you again.

6. Don’t hang-up in the middle of the conversation. This just gets you put back on the call list. They’ll assume
you were disconnected.

7. Don’t tell them you don’t have time to talk right now. They’ll gladly call you back again, and again.

8. NEVER GIVE THEM PERSONAL INFORMATION. Instead, if they don’t know your name, make-up a name.
Pretend to be one of your favorite TV characters. Once they realize you’re not cooperating, they’ll be
less likely to call you again

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