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Carriers Protest Unfair Broker Pricing


The general public has no idea what it costs to run a truck

Today many carriers joined together in protest against brokers offering unfair, low pay for transport of vehicles. The Auto Transporter carries all the costs and risks yet the internet dishonest brokers are not offering fair rates. The only profit seems to be going to the low-ball priced brokers.

protestWhen you shop around for cheap auto transport prices, keep in mind that brokers take a cut of the fee quoted, that is how they make a living. Honest brokers will offer a fair and realistic price and offer the carrier a fair rate. Each year it seems that scammers take a larger & larger cut leaving the trucker holding all the costs and making no real profit. The Auto Transporters have asked all brokers to work with the carriers in offering fair pricing to their clients and paying the carrier a fair wage. Today Carriers voiced their displeasure on the largest internet load board for auto transport. Each posting slogans such as “Say No To Cheap Freight” or “Save The Industry” and more. All we can do is refuse to transport at below fair wages until we are heard!.


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