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More about packing…

Recently one of our trucks was pulled over for inspection in Illinois and a K-9 officer alerted on a couple of the packed vehicles on the transport. The truck and driver were escorted to the State Police Barracks and the driver had to unload the truck so the officers could search the vehicles. The search was very detailed, right down to searching clients luggage and removing door panels. They found NOTHING illegal.

Our Terms and Conditions state:
Shipper agrees it contains NO perishables, food items, prescription medications, currency, vegetation, incendiary devices, ammunition, valuables, breakables or time sensitive materials.

We ask our clients to specifically NOT leave certain items in their vehicles for a reason. This search took several hours and the driver got no cars delivered because he ran out of hours to legally drive that day. As a courtesy we offer the ability to ship some personal items in the vehicles but we are not supposed to have anything in them.

Plants and food items may rot in the heat and leave a bad odor in your vehicle and we are not licensed to carry food or vegetation. Medications and ammunition could cause a police dog to alert on your vehicle and cause a search.

All medication should be with you.
Clothing for a special event should be with you.
Important papers should be with you.
If the truck should be delayed you do not want to run out of your meds. You don’t want to be missing your tuxedo or special dress for that big event. You do not want to be missing paperwork for your doctor or for that important audit.

Please do not abuse our packing policies or we will have to tighten them in order to protect our drivers and our company. It costs money when our trucks are overweight because of overloaded vehicles. To have State Police surround our truck and tear cars apart out in the open for all that drive by to see is an affront to our company and good name. We appreciate those of you who abide by our policies and say Thank You.

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