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Packing of Your Vehicle

Please pay special attention when you pack your vehicle
The driver should be able to see out of all windows with no obstructed views.
We are willing to allow up to 100 pounds of belongings in the vehicle but ask that you
distribute the weight.

NO items should be in the front seats or floors
No items should block any window in the vehicle
NO live plants or perishable food items should be in vehicle
NO prescription medication should be in the vehicle
NO time sensitive items should be left in the vehicle

Your items are not covered by our insurance and are left in your vehicle at your own risk.
Drivers have the right to refuse an overloaded vehicle or charge extra if they
feel they can get it on the carrier in a safe manner.

Please do not fill your gas tank. (each gallon = 8.35 pounds) The less fuel, the better to help keep weight down.
Please ship larger items via UPS, FedEx, USPS or other shipping company.

We appreciate your business and wish you a great day!poster

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